I was reminded this morning how good it can feel to think before you speak.

I caught myself before replying to pointless bait twice – once on the internet, and once in person.  Something that came to mind was this:

Even if the person and I were to have a calm and polite conversation, I’m not going to change what they are thinking, and odds are more than good they aren’t going to be able to change my mind, either. Why argue?

A couple of platitudes:

You don’t have to attend every argument to which you are invited.

Silence can be the best response to a fool. 

speaking of fools –  my favorite clown joke of the moment: (Heard via Kenny the Clown)

A kid goes hiking in the woods at night with a clown.

The kid says” I’m a little scared.” 

The clown replies “Scared? How do you think I feel having to walk back alone?”