peanut vendor and looking back.



the peanut vendor

Directed by Len Lye in 1933, the stop-motion animated short is one of the most unintentionally creepiest things ever committed to celluloid – – pictures

The beginning of hurricane Katrina. a year before I got together with Allison. A few pix of Newt.

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More after break.

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Flump_319 Flump_198 Flump_197 Flump_192 Flump_191 Flump_190 Flump_189 Flump_188 Flump_187 Flump_186 Flump_185 Flump_184 Flump_183 Flump_182 Flump_181 Flump_180 Flump_168 Flump_167 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Flump_162 Flump_161 Flump_160 Flump_149 Flump_148


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