Windows 10 IoT runnung on Raspberry Pi 2 w/ Adafruit 5"LCD by one of our members, Jan Tielens. “Of course you can connect your Raspberry Pi 2 to a any screen that has a HDMI input port. But I was looking for a small screen which is easy to take with me, easy to embed in a project and easy to power (preferably directly from the USB port of the Pi). So I found the Adafruit HDMI 5” 800×480 Display Backpack and it’s a great match! When you’d like to use it on Windows 10 IoT Core on your Pi, there are a couple of extra steps you need to do, which are described in this project.“ #IoT #Windows10 #adafruit #raspberrypi #raspberrypi2 #microcontroller #makerfaire #hacktheworld by hacksterio @

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