I’m watching The Middleman

“8 “The Ectoplasmic Panhellenic Investigation”

“Ghosts of the living”, both a snappy interjection and an apt summary of the dangers faced by The Middleman and his enthusiastic side-kick. A haunting on a sorority campus looks routine enough, until Wendy realises that the ghosts floating around still have very-much-alive human counterparts. Beneath the tale lies jealousy, debauchery and 40-minute conversations about who called who ‘fat’. Meanwhile, Tyler Ford attempts to retrace the events from his two-day-amnesia, adamant that he met his soul-mate in the missing days. His mission proves semi-successful, leading him straight into the arms of Lacey Thornfield. Wendy is none-too-pleased to learn of the boy-of-her-dreams hooking up with her best friend, but she has that ghost problem and the prospect of yet another destructive explosion to worry about first.”

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