Entire compilation of Roman Emperor facts

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That fourteen year old emperor was Elagabalus.  You should really say her name, because she was an important figure and fascinating, and historians are very eager to forget her.  I say her because she was openly transgender.  She searched the entire empire for a physician who could give her female genitalia, but as far as we know she couldn’t find one.  She dressed only in women’s clothes and wore makeup and long hair. She referred to herself not as Emperor, but as Empress and as Queen.  She was forced to marry several women for her office but all the marriages ended in divorce.  She freed one of her slaves, a man named Hierocles, and married him.  This made the Praetorian Guard so mad that they decapitated her (and her mother, who tried to save her).

By those standards, Elagabalus was the only female ruler of Rome.

And today she is still only known as “the boy who invented the whoopee cushion.”