Sad to hear thief and watch_dogs are getting such terrible reviews.

Good news is that I still haven’t played dishonored and Saints row iv beyond the point of knowing that I’ll enjoy the heck out of them. Added bonus, dishonored is in my library right now.

Reasons for me not to buy a new console yet – My uncompleted, happily replay backlog. X if less than 30% played:

On disk ps3 – (cartridge if you’re mother in law)

X Army of Two
X Assassin’s creed III
Batman: arkham asylum
Batman: arkham city
X Bayonetta
Bioshock 1 2 and infinite
Brutal legend
X Call of Juarez bound in blood
X Dead space 2
X Dishonored
Fallout 3 (x the goty dlc bits)
Fallout new vegas x evil karma bits
God of war iii (my first ps3 game, played more by cousin David b)
Grand theft auto v (and online once heists get added)
Infamous 1&2
Lego: lord of the rings, batman, batman 2, Indiana Jones
Little Big planet and lbp2. Infinite levels!
Mafia ii
Marvel superhero squad
Max Payne 3
X Rage
Red dead redemption
X Resistance 3
Skyrim x?
Uncharted 3

Digital ( thanks ps plus!)
X Tomb raider
X Remember me
X payday 2
X Metro last light
X Walking dead season 2
X Brothers
X Stealth Inc  a clone in the dark
Doki-doki universe
X Hotline Miami
Galaga legions dx
Star wars pinball
bit.trip Runner.2
Pinball arcade
Eat them!
Zen pinball 2
x Mega man 9 & 10
X Retro city rampage
X scott pilgrim vs the world
X Renegade ops
X poker night at the inventory 2
Pure chess
Little big planet karting
Armageddon riders ( I may be the only person who loves this game)
X Awesomenauts
X ibb & obb
X trine 2
X outland
X Tokyo jungle
X demons souls
X closure
X Cuboid
X mercury hg
X auditorium hd
X tomb raider underworld
X Lara craft and the guardian of light
X quantum conundrum
X binary domain
X Dragon’s dogma dark arisen
Lego marvel super heroes
X shadow of the colossus
X kingdoms of amateur reckoning
Hitman: absolution
X deus ex human revolution
Sleeping dogs x dlc
Far cry 3 blood dragon
Infamous festival of blood
X borderlands and dlc
Warhammer 40,000 space marine
X when Vikings attack
X zombie tycoon I’m
Plants vs zombies
X Anomaly war zone earth
X dungeon defenders
Rock of ages
X mine craft
X dmc devil may cry
X spelunky
x Borderlands 2
Sound shapes

Wii / pc to follow

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