Knit night.

interesting time with the knitters this evening.

Attendees along with me were:

Allison, my favorite creative crafter. We got diet cherry coke slurpees (in double gulp cups) at 7-11 after.

Nancy, textile artist extraordinaire, mother to a recent graduate from University of Maryland who has gone on to become a nun (i don’t think she went to school for monastic reasons, agricultural stuff, I think)- daughter’s job now is essentially a spiritual battery, committing to full days of prayer and is allowed 4 official visits a year from Mom at the monastery. Nancy seems accepting of it, I think I’d be a little shattered.

Toni, a person who recently had to put one of her dogs down because of and has a sister who is dying in Florida with a previously undetected broken back as a result of falling into a swimming pool. She’s an interesting sort, has a blend of strong religious beliefs, but also enjoys a great deal of supernatural fandom like true blood, sexy time traveling Scotsman stuff, etc.

Judy, a tea party librarian (not libertarian) with several German Shepherds of her own. Talked about the males being aggressive and moving furniture.

____ (I forget her name), a mother and grandmother who is frustrated with her grandchildren to the point of striking the youngest (13). It appears that her youngest son has moved in with her for the last few years, is in his thirties, is a single father, and there are discipline issues with his children. They are now to be out by end of school year. That seems reasonable, but hitting a lippy kid sits poorly with me. Strange things to talk about on first meeting.

I enjoy the company of Allison and Nancy a great deal and the other three ladies were friendly and polite enough, but I was still pretty uncomfortable. I have trouble hanging out with folks that hold beliefs and opinions so very different than my own… especially regarding violence against kids.

needless to say, I was pretty uncomfortable for the first knit night in an age. I was glad to go home with my sweetheart.


Newton still sneezing a little. I’m monitoring his weight and careful to see that he’s eating regularly.

Pyewacket mews more now these days.
Generally, it’s just to let me know he’s saying hello, or would like a little treat or the like. A few years back, he was more likely to be pretty silent, unless he was alarmed or on alert of some sort. (Trilling at birds, or letting you know you’re about to sit on him)