Fun on a rainy day.

Allison and I took a little duck date to Annapolis and Amsterdam Falafel today. Rain and a slight chill did little to stop us from enjoying good food. I think her favorite was the condiments; curry ketchup and Dutch mayonnaise (contained mustard and some curry seasoning too). I’m certainly fond of the French fries and falafel balls. I think the bread was better at garbanzo’s, and the eggplant better at falafel hut.

Brief trip to tj maxx was bust for a necklace we saw last night with the in-laws… it appears someone else snapped it up. Stopped off at five below and picked up some fun plastic bits and bobs. Lego, little goofy toys for me… gum, hair clip, and hello kitty uno for her. Third eye next, picked up some more fun plastic tat and comics. Pictures to follow, I’m sure. I already took one, given that I got the helmet-less soldier this time around.

Weather is getting colder, and I hope Allison gets a snow day tomorrow to extend our weekend a trifle. There is a winter storm warning for tonight and tomorrow, so I may get my wish.

Watching hemlock grove… cute show. I like Shelley best, of course… and not just because her name is a silly pun. (Peter’s too). The show isn’t great art, but it is entertaining.