March the first.

Today marks day 2 of falafel gras. Allison has proclaimed it to be a yearly event the first weekend in March. Last night I made some Trader Joe’s frozen stuff an put it atop pita bread with feta, hot sauce, tzatziki (sp?) sauce, and assorted nibbles of cheese and crackers as lead in.

Today, we managed to lure the in-laws to Garbanzo’s Mediterranean in Annapolis. I think the falafel hut is far better. I was amazed that good ol’ meat and potatoes father-in-law made a go of grilled chicken and pita bread with kabobs veggies

Tomorrow, we will hit Amsterdam Falafel (which sounds a bit like Hop Sing’s Italian Bistro to me) and have some more.

Moment of wtf. Spider-Man balloon has an unfortunate valve.