Flat screen is now installed at the house, ps3 looks good in high definition.

We have the Wii and roku set up and working, and stereo connected to the speakers as well. Full Watson-vision!

Supper was veggie chicken, edamame, carrot shreds, Boston lettuce with toasted sesame dressing.

I still need to set up the universal remote, but that’ll do after a little tv watching. Hunger games, finish firefly and whatever else we dip our toes into.



Allison with her eyes dilated. Derrrrr. New spectacles to follow! Super derpy.

Finally found a happy recipient for the 36″ crt tv. Now we can pick up the flat screen!

Allison and I went to dream weaver for lunch… tasty tuna melt. Derp.

Allison hurp-a-derp snagged me between bites here. Massive field trip after with the in-laws for frames… 4 stores later, she’s going with the place built into her optometrist.


I think they’re very cute.

Bolded and italic items are Allison snarkiness.

Ugh and yuck

Joel D. Wallach, the “mineral doctor”

It makes me sad that someone with the best of intentions suggested this sort of quackery as a serious solution to the medical issues. I thought colloidal crap and naturopathy nonsense went out back in the 80s.

The worst part is that it was just flung out as a YouTube video without so much as a “sorry you’re ill, I’ve had good luck with this”.

Worst sort of evangelist garbage… unscrupulous, unscientific, paranoid, cynical and far more dangerous to the health than a supposed cabal of evil doctors.