We love crab dip, though I am far too rough on the bread. Allison says my hands should be listed as lethal weapons in regards to my horrible mangling of our appetizer.

Yesterday was a good day. My lovely wife and I had a nice duck date to Petie Greens… good laughs and a nice time going over events of the day. Slipping ice, singing alternate songs to snow (fog, draught, slush) and just a lot of lighthearted cheer. Text message grand slam on the artwork bit, our pregnant server having an additional helping hand reaching out from the birth canal….I had crab dip, grilled salmon, baked potato and applesauce.

Ducks in the bay.

A duck date is when two ducks that care for one another splash around in the same puddle for a bit and just enjoy the company of a loved one. Many ducks in our neighborhood do this and we have decided to follow suit.

Allison and I went for a little jaunt with Van tonight… planned on going to silver skewer for a Persian style supper, but it turned out that it was booked through 8pm. (We got there early, at about 5:45 or so). That’ll teach us to call first… 2nd option was to head to Ouzo for Greek, but they reformatted to obo pizza a pizza and deli joint with a mildly Greek theme. Allison got a gyro and shared a Greek salad with me, I got Mediterranean pizza with mushrooms, Sun dried tomatoes, buffalo cheese and some other savory bits, and van got a pulled pork sub. We were so hungry that it wouldn’t have mattered what was brought. I’d say it was all taken happily and consumed with gusto.

Walked off our feed next door to look for pompoms and cat food. No dice, but I did snag some marshmallow krispie treat style vanilla Oreos… very tasty.

Returned home about 11, Van said his goodbyes , and we watched some of the third season of dance academy – Netflix seems to have updated episodes, though season 3 only has 13 rather than 26. Did it die on the vine, mid season?