Allison and I went to the doc to get her cough evaluated, and ultimately pick up some throat coat and other rx to take care of issues. I got my monthly allergy shots at the same time.


Hopefully, those will do the trick. I hate see her not feeling well, and I selfishly want her to be at full vim and vigor for my birthday weekend. I don’t know what we’re doing, if anything. It depends on how we are feeling. Philly is out because it’s Chinese New year and a tattoo convention there this year. Punxsutawney required a lot of advance planning not available this go ’round.


[Edit, at the movies near Allison’s job. I decided I wanted to be nearby in case she could use me as aide in any way.] Preview Colin Firth. The railway man. Allison will want to see it.

Watched Spike Jonez’s Her. Not bad… touched on a lot of things that I tend to agree would happen in that situation, or any relationship at all.

Went to Court of Shanghai with in-laws. The General Tso tofu was good, but the Rangoon puffs were amazing. I have enough left over for tomorrow’s lunch.

Random closing thoughts. Spotted three eastern blackbirds flying together, about a dozen and a half turkey vultures, about a third that many ravens, a female merlin, four seagulls and a small assortment of pigeons.

Current Music is: Turret Wife Serenade – Ellen mclain