Thinking about 80s videogame memories of joust and battlezone.

Joust, I remember playing with my brother at a bar / pool hall on Marathon Key while our maternal grandfather passed dirty jokes on cocktail napkins at the vet or our dad shot cue over a pitcher of beer or two with some of the locals. I was maybe 12 or so and Derek about 8. I’ve probably written about this before. A quick scan says yes. I can still hear the sound of the pterodactyl attack. I love the idea of riding on the back of a flying ostrich and crushing hatched knights, especially the blue ones.


Battlezone, on the other hand reminds me of skating rink arcade machines and my putting in Kevin Cummins initials for him on his birthday. (How I found out his middle name is Patrick.) I wonder if they got rid of the viewfinder from the original machines because it likely spread pink eye.


Watched Supernatural tonight. Sons of Anarchy last night. 3 episodes each. Not sure which, if either will be the next binge watch.

Started with the Pilot –

Wendigo –

Dead in the Water –