Sorry guards guards…

This morning the gang made a caravan
to breakfast in Annapolis and then the in-laws split off from us and we went to a consignment shop in Millersville…. after that, post-christmas shoppers clogging the harbor center saved me from a trip to dsw, though we did manage to score a treat from blondie’s bakery in north beach. We were disappointed in the service and cookie quality. It is likely that we will not be back. The store was messy, staff (including owner) were disorganised / inattentive, and the cookies rated a 5 out of 10. Not horrid but not awesome either.

We were going to play guards guards, but the curse of ankh-morpork continues as we were shanghaied to 3 brothers pizza in Prince Frederick for dinner immediately after setting up the game pieces. The food was quite good and service excellent as usual.

Amy’s last night went well and we just hung out after…. food coma knocked out gaming.

Amy scored a fake fur from Chris… likely a fave holiday present.