Best Ways to Learn InfoPath for SharePoint

3/4/14 – UPDATE: At SharePoint Conference, strangely MSFT announced they have no official replacement yet for InfoPath. They are taking an approach of contributing user feedback to create a new permanent solution as a replacement. Visit to learn more. For now, they are suggestions of using Excel Surveys, Word Forms, Custom App forms with Access, a new (not released yet but coming in 2014) Custom Form button on lists or 3rd party products. There will be a roadvmap over the next several months coming from MSFT on how this will unfold. So, I guess the using InfoPath for the near future is still “business as usual” folks.

1/31/14 – UPDATE: Microsoft officially announced the retirement of InfoPath today. However, support will continue through 2023 (that’s almost another 10 years).

There was a lot of discussion lately regarding the future of InfoPath. There are a lot of companies still using InfoPath with SharePoint (many banks and government organizations with thousands of users) and I can understand their reasoning. However, I also understand reasons you may not want to use it. Andrew Connell recently wrote a blog on the future of InfoPath and some alternatives to using it (look at the bottom of the post). At my current employer, we are also starting to phase out InfoPath and SharePoint forms on our website. However, I think it is important to make your own decision regarding building solutions with them. If you are still using the product, these links should get you going.


InfoPath Tutorials and Articles

Cool Forms in InfoPath – MSDN

Introduction to Programming in Infopath – MSDN Office Dev Center


Web Resources

InfoPath Developer Center

When to use a SharePoint List vs. InfoPath Form Library



InfoPath Cookbooks

Enterprise Application Development in SharePoint 2010
-Creating an End-to-End Application without Code




Channel 9 – MSDN (some free some $$)

Pluralsight – $$$



Clayton Cobb

Asif Rehmani 


Random Cool Tricks

Importing Excel Forms into SharePoint via InfoPath


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When you’ve got the glow


Playful kiss and switch girl. Korean drama and a little thomas was alone while we relax on the couch.

I made chili in the crock pot, turned out pretty good. Lentils, garbanzo beans, red and pink kidneys, black beans, and tvp meat with tomato sauce, salsa verde and assorted yum yum stuff from the spice cabinet.

Snow yesterday made everything look a bit cleaner this morning.


Allison and I went to the doc to get her cough evaluated, and ultimately pick up some throat coat and other rx to take care of issues. I got my monthly allergy shots at the same time.


Hopefully, those will do the trick. I hate see her not feeling well, and I selfishly want her to be at full vim and vigor for my birthday weekend. I don’t know what we’re doing, if anything. It depends on how we are feeling. Philly is out because it’s Chinese New year and a tattoo convention there this year. Punxsutawney required a lot of advance planning not available this go ’round.


[Edit, at the movies near Allison’s job. I decided I wanted to be nearby in case she could use me as aide in any way.] Preview Colin Firth. The railway man. Allison will want to see it.

Watched Spike Jonez’s Her. Not bad… touched on a lot of things that I tend to agree would happen in that situation, or any relationship at all.

Went to Court of Shanghai with in-laws. The General Tso tofu was good, but the Rangoon puffs were amazing. I have enough left over for tomorrow’s lunch.

Random closing thoughts. Spotted three eastern blackbirds flying together, about a dozen and a half turkey vultures, about a third that many ravens, a female merlin, four seagulls and a small assortment of pigeons.

Current Music is: Turret Wife Serenade – Ellen mclain

A visit to forest drive.

Night vision army man. This might be the first army guy I’ve ever seen without a helmet. Something about that doesn’t sit right with me. image

Rear view


What is with the Heisenberg stuff now? Saw a bumper sticker with this logo this am toon Does someome want to be like a guy who pretty much shuts himself down?

California Tortilla bought me a birthday lunch. I paid a quarter and got change back.

Current Music: it’s not my birthday – they might be giants