Santa day – CT scan of concussion

Delivering gifts of eggnog and caramel to folks, I’m playing Santa after I get my CT scan. I was rerouted from Prince Frederick to Waldorf this morning after the scanning device was down. Carol the woman at American radiology services was very sweet and I think appreciative that I didn’t holler since I arrived at she was leaving the voice mail to let me know that her machine was not working. Waldorf is a new route for me and should be an adventure will follow up later the time now is 9:04 a.m.

Update 10:31 am arrived in the nick of time. Gps pooped oit for a bit of the drive but recovered reasonably well enough for a step by step journey over the bridge. Parking was ok, traffic terrific. Waiting now to get scanned.

10 44 that was quick. Reminded me a bit of the old opening to the bill bixby hulk tv show. Glad I’ve lost weight, I’d have been over limit otherwise. Just waiting on the cd and then I can be about my day. Folks at the waldorf location also very kind and friendly. Dialysis place next door has Wi-Fi to share since cell service is blocked due to the bunker nature of the imaging center.

edit – here’s my head.







Got prezzies off to mom and wilton, kevin, danny, j and sean, the meyers, the roses and nancy. I think shaun w will have to wait until we next see him. 🙂