Slip and fall pt 2



Rested post noggin knock then went to the inlaws for veggie sausage and root vegetables. I’m not crazy about turnip or rutabega, but carrots, sweet potato and spuds are aok. We also did a spinach salad and had holiday specials on the tube. (Chipmunks and Jim Carrey grinch )

Yay to family time with cocoa.

Head, hip and back still hurt quite a bit, but I think I’ll be ok.

Random side note : I still can’t believe that the mirror master issue of animal man by Grant Morrison was 25 years ago this month.

Slip and fall


Ding dong.  I did the dumb move of not listening to Allison.  I went to help her bring in groceries… and wore dumb old crocs to get them. She told me that they were a bad idea, but I bulled ahead.

End result is a slip on the ice, and hit the ground with my hip and the metal fencepost with my noggin.

Purple bump on my head now.