Sleep study

Last night and today I went to another sleep study. Eerily reminiscent of the opening to portal 2, I had no environmental time reference, and a disembodied voice gave me tutorial commands. Blink eyes 5 times rapidly, clench teeth, look up and down three times, look left and right three times, flex feet, etc.


My room

My unseen masters observed me via infrared camera and a series of electrodes attached to my legs, chest and all around my head. I feel bit like a blend of golden age mastermind and silver age brainwave. I’m glad the chin beard was gone for the time they affixed the sensors.



After doing my paperwork, then being hooked up to the sensors and Cpap mask by a vaguely Igor-esque nurse (60 something “Miss Bobbi”) , I was commanded to go to bed. This was at 8:30 pm. After being sent through the previously mentioned instruction set, I fell to fitful sleep. My mask was tightened a few times to prevent leaking… it was perhaps a bit too tight at the end. I adjusted it a few times but couldn’t find something comfortable. The overhead speaker woke me up and the nurse brought me a questionnaire to fill out about the event.

I wasn’t told the time but I went to text good morning to Allison before she headed off to work and it was approximately 5 am.

Scheduled 15 minute monitor test time today at 7:30, 9:30, 11:30, 1:30, 3:30.

No Wi-Fi Internet and phone service spotty in windowless brick and steel structure here allows for more local forms of entertainment. There’s a tv but basic cable at 6am is 800 channels of infomercials.Fortunately I brought my kindle and caught up with some SharePoint studies.