Change of plans

Engine light came on right when we were headed out for a duck date to laighing buddha and maybe flatiron farm with the in-laws. Returned to hq for a home date of Chinese food from little panda and lark rise to candleford on tv instead.

Ah well… plenty of hairy beasts at home to take the place of the critters at flatiron.

Edit. Little panda sucked so bad that its now on our no fly list. Blech.

GameMaker Studio, the engine used to make Hotline Miami and Spelunky is currently free (normally $50).

Download, install, and let it update.

Edit: A poster mentioned you need to select the “Beta” update option (you’ll see it) to get the option for the free license. That’s the option I picked.

The program will restart and launch with a window with three options: one to use the *free* (feature-gimped) version, one to register for a free studio license, and one to enter a studio license.

It’s the second option. Enter your email. Enter it again, hit register. Key comes to you. Enter the key. VOILA.