I can hardly move…Allison made stuffed peppers and unstuffed cabbage for supper. I was full before we even started to eat, thanks to the nibbled she set out for us. Van brought pumpkin bread and pumpkin fudge for dessert.

Van came to visit, play Fact or Crap and eat with us, then we watched Grabbers after. The movie was really quite good.

Allison has been watching sister wives, and I’ve picked up a bit via osmosis. Interesting concept but not one that would work for me. I think the meeker people would get lost in that sea of family.

Mom is out of IC, and sounds good. Paralysis is gone and it looks like she will be in the ortho wing of the hospital for a few days more, until they are sure she is able to wash and use the restroom on her own. I’m confident that she will recover completely in a short time.

Speaking of orthopedic news, it turns out my foot doesn’t need surgery. The second xray showed the fragment on my joint is laying well so the buddy tape is doing the job for six weeks. Found a possible fix for my dropfoot and old back injury too. I’ll be seeing a specialist in Baltimore soon.

Boy scout neighbors got me for popcorn. They were at Roland’s and I dodged temptation, but they came door to door, so cute I was sunk. Diet is going to be a bit of a struggle.