Urinating swine.

Hopefully straightened out a damn pig aged in his early 20’s who was using the handicap stall rather than one of the five available urinals (or two other bowls) take a sloppy piss.

He couldn’t even bother to shut the door so when went in to make use of the facilities I had to see his imbecilic back rather than an available commode open for business.

When he came out I had a brief, calm, but moderately stern talk with him about it.  He apologized and I don’t think he’ll be doing it again.

Or maybe he will. I noticed he didn’t wash his hands afterward despite significant splashing. Judging from the puddle I’d suspect the doctor who did his circumcision cut at an angle.

To whom it may concern:

Here’s a hint. Urinals are the first place you go to take a standing leak. If you need more privacy than a divider can give, go to one of the non-handicapped stalls to do it as things become available.

Only use a handicapped stall if there are no others available or if you have a real handicap. They exist for a *reason* and you really don’t want to be that person.

Trust me on this, dear journal.

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