And with this photoset, I’m having a flashback. The kind of flashback that only someone too old for Tumblr — like me — could have!

I saw Aliens in theaters in ‘86. I was 5 or 6. My parents took me, for reasons I still cannot fathom. They certainly didn’t go for my sake, but it’s not like they were the type to want to see a movie like this.

Whatever the case, taking a kid that young to see Aliens was hilariously questionable, and I spent the entirety of the film ABSOLUTELY FUCKING TERRIFIED. Paralyzed, silent, crazy fear. “The world is crumbling around me" type of fear.

Seeing Ripley in the big robo suit sparks a great memory, though. My mother tried to convince me that she was a “Transformer,“ hoping to get me to look at the screen for the first time in an hour. It was not an effective strategy, since shots of Ripley in the suit were generally paired with shots of a giant drooling monster alien, waiting to jump off the screen and eat me.

Course, time heals wounds, and now I have such love for the film, and that experience. It’s the kind of internal anguish I hope I’ll have whenever I’m about to see a horror movie, but never do.

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