Made a veggie roast with baby carrots, peas, broccoli and pasta in the crock pot. Turned out well though  l likely made far too much. Sending Allison to work tomorrow with it for lunch.

Allison’s birthday gift of the day was Space cadet package with a mini loom and baby skeins of yarn.


Crown area throbbed quite a bit, irritated from yesterday’s hubbub. I look forward to tomorrow’s correction.


Got root canal on 3 roots, temp crown.

Less than an hour after leaving, crown pops off. Contacted dentist, no worries ‘re canals. Temp is just there to hold space.

I can get it reglued on Thursday. I’m happy to have exposed nerves removed.

Saw World’s end, and it was jim dandy.   Of the three, it’s my least fave. Hot fuzz is my top. All are quite good.


A good day, overall.

Allison’s gift of the day is a color wheel umbrella.