Happened to c.b.

Three masked men, one of them armed with a handgun, injured a man and a woman by dousing them with bleach during a home invasion and robbery Monday afternoon in Annapolis.

The robbery happened at 2:45 p.m. on Greenbriar Lane, which is south of Forest Drive. Three men forced their way into the home and doused the 50-year-old woman who owns the home and a 34-year-old man who was doing some work at the home, city police spokesman Sgt. Eric Crane said.

The men then ransacked the home and took two cellphones before running away.

The victims were taken to the Bayview Burn Center in Baltimore with serious but not life-threatening injuries, city fire department spokesman Dale Thompson said.

Both suffered serious burns to their faces, Crane said.

There appears to be some connection between the victims and the suspects, Crane said. “This was not a random robbery,” he said.

The victims’ conditions could not be determined Tuesday morning.

Edit: No burns on her face, but her arms were severely burned by the bleach. The man was released with lesser wounds.

He was painting a rowhouse on Monday afternoon, when Tony Watkins saw a man and a woman two doors down stumbling out of a unit in obvious pain.

“Bleach is like acid. It gets on your skin and starts burning you up,” said Watkins, “So when they took them out of the house they had to strip the one guy and hose him down and the lady—they had to cut her clothes off and transport her.”

Annapolis police responding to a 911 call from Greenbriar Lane discovered a group of masked men had robbed the woman and a contractor at gunpoint before dousing them with a caustic liquid.

“There were three male individuals between late teens (and) early 20s that forced their way into the residence demanding money,” said Sgt. Eric Crane of the Annapolis Police Department, “They tied up the victims and then proceeded to pour bleach on them.”

The robbers ransacked the home, but it appears they only made off with the victims’ cell phones.

While police have no suspects, they do not believe the robbers pose a risk to the community at large.

“We believe that somehow there’s a connection between either the suspects and the victim or the suspects and some kind of family member,” said Crane, “This is not a random act.”

Paramedics transported the victims to Johns Hopkins Bay View for treatment leaving those who live and work in this community asking a single question—why?

“It’s just very sad that the lady and the guy who doesn’t even live in this community, just doing work for her, had to go through some trauma like that where they could have lost their lives over nothing,” said Watkins.

Read more: http://www.abc2news.com/dpp/news/crime_checker/anne_arundel_crime/annapolis-police-say-home-invasion-not-random#ixzz2ZFGtScrM

Edit: left out was the demand for drugs. It seems that cb’s daughter was having her boyfriend stay there… the 3 belived ge had drugs there, had cb call her daughter while tied up, and had her demand where the drugs were in the house. Daughter replied that she didn’t know and bleach followed.

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