Quick and dirty update.

Lost about 12lbs since last month. Pulse 80, bp 118/70 got allergy shots.

Successfully fought the summer ant invasion, and the boys have been armored vs fleas.

Saw Pacific rim with Allison, and we both enjoyed it. Also watching Orange is the new black, and its been entertaining too, though the pilot nudity was a bit gratuitous.

car needs 3 new tires rear left brake caliper

Oil change today, but tires will rotate when new tires come on. Current were rated at 60k miles and we got more than 100, so I can’t complain too much.

Homemade pizza with Will C tonight as a tip for mowing our lawn and the blue house’s.

Possible SharePoint gig in green belt and another in dc.


Until later, dear journal.


Separated and Reunited in Death

These grave markers — pressed up against either side of an imposing wall, with a pair of clasped hands reaching over the wall’s top — date to a time in Dutch history when Catholic and Protestant graves were strictly segregated. A Catholic and a Protestant married couple, separated in death, arranged for this unique workaround in order to rejoin one another.

In 1842, a colonel in the Dutch cavalry, JWC van Gorkum, married a woman known as JCPH van Aefferden. The union was controversial — van Gorkum was Protestant and van Aefferden was Catholic. Despite the prevailing culture at the time, the two remained married for decades, only separating when van Gorkum died in 1880.

But when van Aefferden passed away eight years later, she couldn’t be buried with her late husband; even in death, Catholics needed to stay with their own. While alive, she made her wishes clear — she did not want to be buried in her family tomb and, instead, wished to be as close to her husband as possible. The solution, seen above, is their connected tombstones.

I just unlocked the Orange Is The New Black: Piper Chapman sticker on GetGlue

7724 others have also unlocked the Orange Is The New Black: Piper Chapman sticker on GetGlue.com

New arrival Piper Chapman may be uniquely out of place in the New York penal system, but she’s not as innocent as she appears. Thank you for watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix. Continue watching to find out what happens to Piper. Share this one proudly. It’s from our friends at Netflix.