Had my credit card number swiped recently. Declined at the movie box office as a result, though it passed at la Madeline for breakfast and the local gas station this morning. Swung by the bank after alerting Allison, and they had flagged a charge from last night at a hotel in Amsterdam. Small fee of about six bucks. Today, between the gas and the movie, a charge for about 25 was made out of state for a cash advance, and that’s what locked the card. My bank was very helpful about the challenged charges, especially considering that Allison’s old card was compromised barely a month or so ago. I suspect that I got hit with a rfid scan when in DC for FOSE… haven’t been near many other large crowds or other potential skimmers aside from atm and fuel pumps.


Star Trek movie was fun, I could’ve done without some of the fan service and lens flares, but other bits worked just fine for me. ( I really wish that Simon Pegg was going to be Ant-Man.) Good villain in Cumberbatch, solid effects in 3d.


Dinner with Mindy and Marc Meyer (those folks we met at JT’s a couple of weeks back ) at Court of Shanghai tonight, had a nice time. We made plans to get together again next month.

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