Eased into today after all the hubbub of fose this week.
Quick list to fluff later, stream of thought.


Slept a little late
Surprise chat with Don (wickenden), briefly, pleasant ‘re google updates, music
Validation banking with new tenant
Litter box changed
Picked up mail
Dinner at JT’s, date night, since in-laws are headed to the mountains this weekend. Hot dogs for her, waffles for me. (Out of black bean burger)
Met Mindy and Marc Meyer after passing waffle syrup to them at the table behind me.  (practically mork and mindy, good mnemonic), chatted, got along well, made plans to go with them to dinner at months end. Unexpected, haven’t done that sort of thing in a while. Also from FAU (they noticed my cap), some entertaining similarities.
Sprite zero slurpees at 7-11! First decent diet flavor in ages, years.
Watched so one of vikings, Allison zonked out.
Caught up and posted recent blog entries.
Wrote this.

I need to mow the lawn tomorrow.

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