Third verse, same as the first

And now the first Thursday of the year.

Swam, got groceries, and discussed an interesting writing project idea with Amy Rose that may see more light of day in the near future.

The lads seem happy and Allison is home from work – she was looking especially cute today in her scarf and girly fedora.

I regret not getting her more goodies for Allison’s stocking. Fortunately, I have a comedy of chocolate riches to share.

As those treats dwindle, I’ll be working on getting my weight back on track again. Im currently the heaviest ive ever been, and that is no good. Swim was a good start but getting back to some yoga and bike to begin. I hope that ingress will promote more walkies when warm enough.

Pneumatics have been rough recently. CPAP, inhalers and nebulisers seem to be the rule.

The lute has a lovely sound… makes me wish to consider music study again. Perhaps a tuneup of the fender bass is in order.

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