This, the fourth day of the year feels like I’ve been in 2013 for a month already. 

I’ve been so tired today… I suspect the weather is sapping my strength a bit, along with fighting airborne shmutz from chimneys and whatnot. The wind, it speaks to me. It needs fewer solid dry particles and more humidity.

Enjoying a range of westerns lately… django unchained and casa de mi padre.  Both were shockingly entertaining, and the soundtracks are must haves for me. Haggarty Smokes?

Newton relaxes on my left knee while Allison does email and I watch the eighties episode of the supersizers go.

Amused by retro city rampage and farcry 3. I will likely install the hd into the ps3 next week.

Chili tomorrow with Van… I need to get some veggie crumbles.