Day the 2nd

This year I’ll be doing my best to balance the middle ground between being a sponge and a stone. Not take so much in that I’m overwhelmed but not dismiss things out of hand.

Goal is to be more of an area of calm inside the perceived tempest.

Realised that I haven’t yet fully itemized my Christmas loot.

Lets see…will update periodically

Sushi roll dice/card game
Assassin’s creed 3
Farcry 3
Batman arkham asylum goty edition
1/2 gig hd for the ps3
Ed emberly guide to drawing animals
beer mugs from Berlin circa 1978
Large costume belt
Owl hanger-thingie from chile
More candy than wonka ever made including Penguin / reindeer peep marshmallow creations
Chocolate passport to the world
Gigantor Dvd collection
Christmas ornament
“DON’T give me a LEMON” picture
Tiny portable chopsticks, fork and spoon set
Stylus pen w / my name emblazoned across the side
Nice oversize tumbler with an aquatic motif
Apple cider kcups
I saw zombies eating Santa claus
Rechargeable Aaa and Aa batteries
Food at macados
Food at wildflour
car charger for phone
Ingress invite
Socks and underwear
Mp3 credits
Game credits
Scented penguins
Sasquatch shaped air freshener (pine scent)
Tiny lego bear
time with the wife, boys, inlaws and tigger.