phone post monday.

a week from now, my long weekend in virginia will have come to an end… likely driving back home so I can get to work on time for tuesday. thanks, columbus… or erikson, or whoever first got here to settle in. trans-siberian asians or whatever proto-natives first roamed the banks to see boats coming to greet them.

today went pretty well, dear journal. regular length workday, a little flippin` pizza special and a lot of processes put in place.

mafia ii was fun, but I`m still really caught up in red dead redemption. zombie western coming this month has me quite enthused to continue, too.

brisk day today – rainy and in the 40s-50s.

some kids playing the fool on the other side of the train… not moldy scented today, but the conversations seem louder.

at chinatown now.. major switch from kids to hipsters.

not nearly so crowded today… but l`enfant station is still yet to come.

sleepy…perhaps a travel nap will keep me wakeful for dinner.

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