10,062 – wednesday

It’s weird that my life is so cross-referenced on the web that I post 4 entries in various parts of facebook  for each journal post I make. sorry about that!

Watched There Will Be Blood last night with BHK. (We’re rolling the netflix queue again)… and, not to sound like the horse from Ren & Stimpy, but No sir, I dodn’t think I have any use for the movie. It seemed like a very long 2nd act to me. Didn’t surprise me that it was from the same cat that did Magnolia, another film I didn’t really dig. No sir, I don’t like it.

My newest nickname is “Dr. Polarbearchesthair” for taking care of BHK while she has the sickies – If I can just get the laptop to the bed, maybe she’ll rest! Fortunately, she has her DS and a copy of Lego Indiana Jones to keep her situated for the time being.

assorted doodles from today – first – from the end of there will be blood. Take that, Eli!


The next – a random guy blowing bubbles


Lastly, my head falling for no good reason.


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