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yet another quiz –

Rules: Don’t take too long to think about it. Fifteen tv series you’ve seen all/most of the episodes of that will always stick with you. Series you have bought/would buy on DVD if money was no object. First fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes.

Tag fifteen friends, including me because I’m interested in seeing what shows my friends choose.

1. MiddleMan
it just came out on dvd recently! what are we waiting for?
2. Gorilla Girl
doesn’t really exist, but it should. (ok, ok – I’ll put Probe in there – Parker Stevenson needs the money, and I dug it)
3. Rockford Files
A PI that gets beaten up, and isn’t smarter than everyone else.
4. Red Dwarf
Got to love it. No alien life, just stuff from earth. Droid crewmen, hologram crew, way before star trek.
5. Bonanza / Big Valley / Rifleman
They all should be in the same universe.
6. The Dick van Dyke show
Still Great, every time I see it. Beware of alien walnuts!
7. Andy Griffith
Just the black and white episodes.
8. The Complete Dr. Who collection
Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker vs the new guys should be fun viewing.
9. Ugly Betty
BHK got me into this, and it may be jumping the shark now, but I really enjoyed the first couple of seasons
10. Ripley’s Belive it or not
– starring Superman or Curly, either are ok by me.
11. M*A*S*H
Have to steal this from Kath – I really liked the mix of drama and humor a lot.
12. The Prisoner –
thanks to Ray and Kath for this one – I actually own it and secret agent on dvd already.
13. sesame street / electric company / Mr. Rogers neighborhood –
brilliant songs and nostalgia – they cannot be split apart
14. Black Sheep Squadron / Tales of the gold monkey
– my love of corsairs / seaplanes started here.
15. Night court
wonderfully surreal – the green acres of the 80s

Honorable mention: green acres / petticoat junction / hercules & xena /quincy m.e. / mannix / banacek