9830 – Saturday

BHK is still typing in my journal sometimes – courtesy of her – poophead rulz!

Only one month or so until 9/9/9!

the kaiju I mentioned earlier this week – who is it?

Pictures taken while geocaching with Chris, Mandy and BHK – fungi, frogs and a swell hidden fishing hole!

0808091525.jpg.horse chestnut!.0808091525.jpg.S6304181.S6304180.S6304179.S6304178.S6304177.S6304176.[1] DCIM, 100SSCAM, 4 images, S6304175 - S6304178 - 2932x2170 - SCUL-Smartblend.S6304175.S6304174.S6304173.S6304172.[1] DCIM, 100SSCAM, 5 images, S6304170 - S6304174 - 6448x3623 - SCUL-Smartblend.S6304170.S6304169.[1] DCIM, 100SSCAM, 2 images, S6304168 - S6304169 - 4461x2311 - SCUL-Smartblend.S6304168

Tonight is my sleep study – hooked up to my gear, and I’m hitting the sack in about a half hour. First night not in the same bed with BHK since we’ve been married – I plan on tucking in with her when I get out at 6:30 am tomorrow.

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music layout:

According to my SenseMe playlist – the fastest/happiest song is a three way tie –

Get a Job – The English Beat

The Famous Polka – They Might Be Giants

B-52s Cosmic Thing.

Slowest Saddest songs are also a 3-way tie –

Matt Lauer can suck it – Michael Gaicchino (Land of the Lost Soundtrack)

Running to the Rain – Peter Gabriel

Ballero – War

I seem to have mostly happy, mid-speed songs in my library.