9828- thursday

BHK and Mandy out today – they headed to Annapolis and went shopping at Sephora (got makeovers) , Lush (nice smelly soaps), some sammiches at selby, coffee at fab brew.

I stayed home, in fear for my testosterone… Instead, I opted to stretch out my back, I put in 2.5 miles around the neighborhood… it was cloudy, so weather was cooler. After the first half-mile, I was able to stand up straight, and the walk became rather comfortable… I visited the candy store and picked up BHK a praline and some gummy soda-bottles to share along with my primary goal of a bottle of water. At the post office, paperback swap sent me (c/o BHK)  The Vesuvius Club (not the graphic edition, just the novel) and Song of Kali – I look forward to reading them both.

Later that afternoon, I gabbed, watched some Bones and played some phase 10 with Chris – The girls brought us home some selby subs – steak and cheese for Chris, uber-veggie for me!

Chris and I are planning to hit the gym sometime soon – it’ll be nice to do some weight training / back strengthening with another guy who knows what I’m dealing with.

He had to do the news starting at 4am tomorrow, so Chris hit the sack at about about 7:30 – BHK and I headed back home (across the street).

Laid back and we played a lot of DS (BHK) and PSP (me) while watching the finale of Burn Notice – we were both rather underwhelmed about the summer closer. Hopefully Psych will take up the slack.

Back is complaining now about the earlier walkies. I forgot to mention that I went with the old gps – made some waypoints – kitten safari, bus stops, etc.

Upon looking at my spinning Scotto heroclix icon… I think I have to update and make a new one for myself, BHK, Newton and Pye.

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