9827 – Wednesday

Loot from the Thrift store –

3 glow-in the dark dinos – dimetron, triceretops and velociraptor
a godzilla third-string kaiju-  Sort of like gomess/ godzilla mix with a hooked horn on his forehead.
kids in the hall dvd
merlin tv series dvd (the one with ed neill and martini short)
a rubber orangutan
a 3-d puzzle of the empire state building, still in original wrap
2 pairs of shorts – khaki / tan
a nice short-sleeved shirt – white with red line pattern
a fallout 3 lunchbox
a pile of books, including a mess of veggie cookbooks, his dark materiels, the canary trainer, a selection of others that don’t leap immediately to mind.
a deck of cards, war, and 52 things to do in DC (were together in a grab bag for 80 cents)
some puzzle game software that BHK has taken upstairs already and is playing now

Durning the time BHK and Mandy were out and about, I got a lot of work done looking for a gig – They’re also are heading to Annapolis tomorrow to do some shopping and hanging out, too –  Hopefully I can be as productive.

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