9673 – Tuesday

I forgot to show the latest update to Larry’s homemade guitar. It’s truly a thing of beauty. He wet-sanded it to a high gloss, and it really makes the wood grain pop. He’s practically finished with it… I’m going to have to see what good deeds I’ll have to do to get him to make me a bass guitar to jam along with him. For that matter, I need to pick up the guitar and practice my chords some more. I figure I’ll have time to do more practice this summer, while BHK is studying for her exams.

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Back bothering me some more – My left hip and knee are bugging me, as well as more sciatica issues. Took the bus this morning, and I suspect that didn’t help too much.

Best part about getting to work this morning was that I saw Franklin! No treats for him today, but gave him some nice head scritchies. He’s a total little lover… if I knew of anyone in the DC/MD/VA area looking for a sweet cat, he’d be adopted. I haven’t seen the scaredy-cat girl kitty lately, but I suspect that she hides out if Franklin is anywhere nearby.

Random thoughts – I’m amazed that gay marriage is legal in Iowa, but not in California. Given that Arnold is the Gov, maybe there is more Right-wing thought there than I perceive.

When BHK picked me up at the train station tonight, there was a moment of snow … didn’t last long, but was just momentary enough to be a little fun. BHK thought it was cherry blossoms in the wind, until they melted on the hood of the love cube.

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