9670 – saturday

I got out of the house briefly to babysit Tigger with BHK at the in-laws (they’re off camping) and to visit the neighborhood flea market today – normally would’ve walked, but rolled in the love cube instead due to lack of mobility.

Spent a total of $80 today. Here is some of what we got:

  • hand held police scanner (for $1!) it works!
  • A big pile of books to read (William Kidd for me, a bunch of goodies for BHK)
  • flash comic, seaguy comic
  • 2 new iron chairs for the porch ($27)
  • 4 plastic dinosaurs ($2)
  • a picnic basket, complete with plates, cups and such ($5)
  • a beeswax candle of a bear on a beehive
  • a chocolate brownie
  • 2 chocolate chip pumpkin muffins
  • a yummy loaf of birdseed bread
  • a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie
  • 2 handmade cereal bowls – aquamarine – really pretty!
  • 4 potted ranunculus, with a ton of buds (pink, yellow, orange, red)
  • 2 long boxes for the flowers, plus potting soil.
  • dvd player ($5) for larry

After riding around, my back was pretty rough, and BHK was feeling it too – headed home and just chilled out. I’m a little worried that I over exerted myself by just standing up and sitting down so much. Ugh.

Random pic from the hardware store last week – forgot to post it. I am juvenile.


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