9654 – Thursday

Franklin (the outdoor cat who lives near my office) followed me a bit this morning to work, I stopped to give him some love – he’s a sweetheart. I made sure to wash my hands very carefully – don’t want to allergy myself too much, or possibly bring back feline leukemia to the boys at home. I should start bringing Franklin a little treat or something.

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If I’m not careful, BHK is going to make me adopt him and bring him home. Plenty of little hellcats at the house already, but I’m a soft touch.

Though I am of no particular religious faith of my own, I don’t mind when others express belief… to a degree. Riding the green line into work this morning, a wall-eyed lady was shrieking out hosannas and praise the lords intermixed with some tuneless chant-like singing. she had headphones on, but I suspect that they were just props so she could ramble loudly.

I’ve seen this from assorted people, numerous times – usually on the bus, but the train here and the tri-rail back in Fort Lauderdale.  Why are folks permitted to holler at the top of their lungs while I’m confined to the same space as they are? I think that the train is better for just making a lot of noise without repercussions, because it’s less likely that it’ll stop and eject the person.

mouthbig - animatedsleep
(They won’t shut up – all I want to do is nap)

I’ve been "witnessed" to at least 4 times, maybe more while on the bus. I’ve noticed that the best thing to do is just be quiet and let it pass, because the folks doing it are generally more than a little unhinged already – I don’t want someone flipping out too much.. it seems like they run out of gas after about 15 minutes (which seems like an hour) and then start again maybe 5 minutes after that.

There needs to be some sort of code of ethics – if I’m trapped with a person that is at the minimum causing sound pollution that I don’t want, or at maximum is a foamy-mouthed looney, I get upset. I was fantasizing about picking up a tranquilizer dart gun somewhere for the bulk of the noise.

See also about 11 months ago

In a similar vein, I don’t mind being trapped on a bus with folks talking a little loudly on the phone if it’s a language I don’t know… if it’s English, it bugs me, but if it’s something very exotic (something Asian or African – not too uncommon in DC area) I don’t mind nearly so much. German, French, Creole and Spanish is fairly annoying too, for some reason. (if I’m in a movie theater, however, it’s easy for me to leave and get an attendant.)

The ride home on the train was easier on my ears.

Called Comcast about some service – if they slack on me too much, I think we’ll just cut that internet cord, and go to hughes-net or some other provider.

Tasty buffalo "chicken" salad for dinner tonight – and I had the rare beer – (Michelob Lime/cactus – good, light fare).

BHK and I are giving up on Castle, I think – 2 episodes, and neither had the grabbing power. Going to give Better Off Ted another chance, but I suspect the quirkyness is already too stiff for real fun, and it’ll get switched off, too.

Our netflix came in, in time for the weekend – Hancock and Run, Fat Boy, Run . My hopes aren’t too high – If I’m entertained, that’ll do the trick.

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