9606 – Thursday

Sean, Jay and Duncan came over, and brought me 40 mini blueberry muffins! Yum! also, the EEE pc came in the mail! so far, so good.

Didn’t have too much time to play with the new laptop – brought home some work to do on the big machine – got it out of the way before our visitors came by.

We all chitty-chatted until just now, and it’s pretty much time to hit the sack – but first a little supper of spaghetti – Gut is doing better tonight, not going to push it with anything too seasoned or spicy.

No sign of Pris anywhere… I’m confident that she’s back with her folks, happy and warm (or Adam took her in across the road.). We’ll be keeping watch for her pretty closely, anyhow.

Just as well – got cold last night – Mr. Carrot-fish is frozen in his pond. We’re going to bury the carving in our garden as a sacrifice – Perhaps veggies will grow better! (If it works, beware our wicker man next year.)

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