9602 – monday – birthday

Got my Upper GI done – will know more in 24-48 hours. A shot of fizzy pop rocks with a Barium/chalk milkshake chaser to take pictures of my plumbing.

It’s official, despite morning nausea, moodiness and dry heaves, I’m not pregnant.

This morning, when I got up – I saw my shadow, much like Punxy Phil.

After the doc, we went to have lunch at cheeburger cheeburger and then see Taken. Not bad for a fluffy "gimme back my daughter immediately or I’ll kill everyone in my way and take her back" sort of flick. spoiler, they didn’t give his daughter back immediately.

Pic of me squinting into the sun. Figured I should document my 40th b’day for posterity.

Tonight’s Birthday cake – under the sea – Chocolate Lobsters and marshmallow jellyfish!

Lootwise – $100 from inlaws, $50 from Mom, In a pickle and eee pc from BHK, Superfriends DVD from Kev.

Lovely Cards from Danny, Cathy & Dave R, BHK, and the In-laws as well.

*MANY* wonderful well-wishes from LJ, myspace and Facebook.

Additional – BHK got me Macaroons again!! yum.

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