9584 – Saturday

Well, the stars were out of alignment this morning – 7 degrees to start, and the ground was frozen an inch thick.

BHK and I slept in a bit, and then I hopped into the shower, to get ready for my appointment at the MVA to get my license – turned on the water and… nothing came out of the nozzle.

It turns out that water solidifies, or "freezes" at certain cold temperatures – sort of like those little cubes you put in drinks to cool lemonade on a hot day.

Water can also freeze in pipes, as well as cube trays, it seems. Lacking water, and the desire to rush to a neighbor or in-laws to bather properly, I opted to instead go another day – Tuesday might be good, given that I have the day off, an everyone will be in DC that day for the inauguration. If they’re open, I’ll visit. I know they’re closed on Monday – MLK day shuts it down.

The neighbors were helpful, offered a torch to melt the ice in the pipes, but we figured we’d wait it out and see.

The in-laws came over, and we assessed the situation – it turns out the water came back at about 11am – so BHK made pancakes for everyone, and I scrubbed up in the now-working shower.

After that, we went outside, and surrounded the drafty parts of the house, and pipe areas with insulation (that’s how I know the ground was frozen, and how deep). It seems that the bedroom is benefiting most, upping in temp a few degrees already.

After that, BHK, in-laws, and I watched The Namesake -I liked it a lot – after the in-laws left, BHK and I continued with the The Darjeeling Limited, also pretty good – (I still Prefer The Life Aquatic, but it’s a good second to that Anderson film)

Now, it’s time for bedski.

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