9578 – Monday

Made tentative plans to get my Maryland drivers license next Saturday, as they’re open from 830 to noon, and I don’t need to get my allergy shots.

Following Saturday will be allergy shots, BHK teeth cleaning and my Crown checked. I still think that there’s an infection there.

It was cold today mid 20’s, but felt cooler, probably due to the bitter wind. Gray, overcast, but no rain or snow… just overcast.  I am thankful for my gloves and neck gaiter today… I think I heard my shadow crack when I stepped on it on the way home. All standing water (puddle-sized or less, anyhow) was covered with ice.

Watched Superstars of Dance tonight – A more cynical person might say that a more stereotypical collection of nationalities could not be found outside of a minstrel show. I was entertained, mostly by the Mr. Checkov-esque Russian Judge, who talked about Russian president and Russian drinking etc, etc. Yakov Smirnoff would blush.

BHK is to be commended for not killing me during my snarky commentary, filled with terrible Russian, Irish, and Australian accents.

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