9537 – December is Here!

Monday- Off to Physical Therapy after work, and BHK made tasty brats & kraut (with apples and green peppers – veggie bratwurst for me)

Visiting the Ortho tomorrow – PT is not progressing as well as I’d hoped – maybe something more aggressive is in order.

I can do stretches and light aerobics – I’d like to try some weight training / weight lifting to see if I can strengthen up better than I have.

Getting back into Kolchak: The Night Stalker – the episodes have held up pretty well over time. I really liked the UFO episode – ("They Have Been, They Are, They Will Be…") – The monster was never really seen, but it had a good vibe. ( The Moss Monster "Père Malfait" was nifty to see too… I’m surprised Wikipedia doesn’t have an entry for that particular beastie. I may fix that later on.)

BHK and I watched the Xmas episode of Monk – not the best, but it was worth it to see Leland sans moustache. I wonder what gigs the actors will get, now that the show is pretty much in the can?

The Psych Holiday show was fairly good, too, but the police side of the cast was pretty thin.

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