9464 – Wednesday

Still feeling a smidgen overtired and generally weary.

I think it’s just been from all the hubbub at work and family-wise. I think being stressed about the bro has given me some clenched muscles and attitude issues, which I am trying to work with, too.

BHK made some awesome quiche for supper… I know how spoiled I am. Two types – broccoli and cheddar, and soy-sausage with mozzarella. Sides of potato cakes, and more broccoli & cheese.

Comfort food for a cool temperature evening. Good stuff.

I’m going back to my 8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 year ago archives soon – maybe this entry. I’ve been terribly lax about entries.. just been too busy.. or too tired from being too busy to write much.

Watched the first installment of Feasting on Waves. Alton Brown has a good gig going for him… getting his company to send him sailing around the Caribbean, sampling food and just taking in the life there.

doing archive now, reminded me that I got a flu shot again this year, last Saturday, along with allergy shots… and we saw Tina and Matt on the Boardwalk this time last year, too! When I mention getting a flu shot to people, most seem to say "Oh, I don’t do that" like it’s something terrible. I don’t know… they seem to work for me.

I’ll include more pictures from the ghost walk, corn maze and other goodies sooner or later – they’re all at my flickr account already – just a matter of putting them here.

1 year ago – (9017… 447 entries ago in 365 days) got a flu shot, visited a bunch o’docs, saw tina and Matt on the boardwalk. sore throat, Michaels for craft stuff, fillings, atw man, tiny toys from target.

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