Wednesday – 9396 –

I officially know more about Rsync than I ever thought I would. It’s a mighty handy tool.

Long story short –

rsync is written as a replacement for rcp and scp. One of the earliest applications of rsync was to implement mirroring or backup for multiple Unix clients onto a central Unix server using rsync/ssh and standard Unix accounts. With a scheduling utility such as cron, one can even schedule automated encrypted rsync-based mirroring between multiple host computers and a central server.

Currently doing a master <-> master -> offisite slave config.

Also set up a sql-based login system for both the primary and backup servers for ftp – annoying, as the backup’s mysql config is just different enough to give a man fits. in the data directory rather than usr.

Beefy mac & cheese (made with veggie-meat, of course) with the remains of the rattatouile and green beans made for good eats while BHK and I watched the Kevin Sorbo episode of Middleman. The show keeps getting better and more entertianing… I wonder how long it’ll last? I hope it’ll keep steam going for another season.

I want to start watching Dexter – BHK is about a season ahead of me. Time to put episodes on the PSP for the commute to work.

via BHK –

COOL! Reverse graffiti – where the graffiti is created by placing a stencil over a dirty patch and cleaning it to create a pattern! I like it!!!!
tons of it on FLICKR too!

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