9385 – Sunday

Off to a slow-pokey start today – I think we got out the door at something like noonish. BHK and I went on a little journey to St. Michael’s, primarily to hit the maritime museum we missed last visit.

The place is a good bit of land to walk over… thankfully, much of it is inside and nicely air-conditioned. I liked the sense of humor that a lot fo the exhibits had… some fairly off-color quotes about sailors and fishemen. I wasn’t totally wowed by the place – one visit was good, but I don’t think that I have any great need to return.

The Solomon’s Island Museum is a lot smaller, but they have River Otters (Two- Bubbles and Squeak) on site, which is very tough to compete with.

In fact, I think that BHK and I had more fun seeing the occasional wild squirrel, duck or jackrabbit than the exhibits.

Headed home, once we were appropriately sun-baked. Sundown on the bridge. We stopped at Holly’s Restaurant for a little nibble that turned into a massive pile of food. I’d say the big win there was the cream of crab soup… french fries were a little soggy, and were the weak link.

Pictures from the trip – at flickr – for st. peter’s church and bunnies and duckies and cute little squirrels eating pine cones and sunsets and bhk trapped in a sailboat thingie and my head being pinched by a crab claw and the ATW man looking all scary.
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