9358 – Tuesday, the ides of July.

Big salad and fried zucchini chips tonight. BHK made some fried okra, but ate it all up save for one tiny morsel which I tried, and really didn’t taste any “okra-ness”.

Middleman continues to entertain – Zombie-venom bite snakehead-type fish and a cola scheme for “!!!” soda.

Random Scotto and BHK factoids. I am fairly distantly related to Ludwig II, and on a pretty solid connection to the original Frankensteins and (not the Fictional Scientist, but the family that built the castle.) I’d settle for having a time-share at Linferhof Palace. All told, I’m just glad I don’t have to go through the same stuff Benita Falkenheyn did.

BHK is more “American” as a fairly direct descendant of Davy Crockett, and has more than a little native American in her bloodline as well. (great grandma) – Not to mention Ma & Pa Barker. (And a little French Huguenot according do Mother-in-Law.)

*SOME*body is rearranging netflix queues so that girly movies arrive before scary monster flicks. I wonder who it could be?

BHK is sneaking in and adding to my journal again! Her latest:

“S’ok cause I really love girly movies—-don’t tell anyone dear journal but I squealed like a giddy school-girl while watching Bridget Jones’ Diary!!”

Bleah and Bah, I say to that.

More crops from the garden.. it seems limitless!

more crops! squash and such!

Cukes, Zukes, squash.. and a .. green pepper? BHK also gave away lal our green beans to the neighbor – he thought that they were offered and took ’em -BHK didn’t have the heart to take ’em back.

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