9272 – Thursday-

BHK made a fantastic and healthy supper of bean/spinach salad and spicy stir-fry tofu “beef” and broccoli. Delicious and nicely filling.

Chris and Larry are heading out of town this weekend… and they’re taking Tigger with ’em. No real Mother’s Day things happening this weekend after all – maybe a nice day of painting some pottery, instead?

The latest and greatest version of VZ Navigator (4.0), which tosses in traffic avoidance for 75 cities, along with 3D view plus some other nifty stuff is live right now. (Includes Baltimore and Washington dc!)

I’m looking forward to seeing how solid it is!

I’m still on the phrase “STEAMED CATFISH IN BANANA LEAVES!”



Not Sorry.

I’m alternately happy and sad that LJ has finally disabled this stalker feature – Users will only view the number of entries they are allowed to read in calendar views. (Source)

Volcanoes spewing lightning? Wizard war, more like.

Speaking of same… I forget if I’ve mentioned it or not, but save for a little too much fanboy junk, I pretty much dig the Dresden files books… but I can’t seem to get into Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera “Horse and Swords” fantasy stuff.

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