9197 – monday

Happy St. Patty’s, All you Irish!
(And I think everyone is Irish today.)

Happy Saint Patty's!

Not much to say today – BHK invited TM, Chris, Larry and Adam over for dinner tonight – veggie-loaf and split pea soup (or hot dogs for larry) – Adam couldn’t make it, but we planned an egg-dying session for Wednesday.

WWCalc – Mar 17, 08 (4.0.6 USA) – went over my set by .3 – teach me to have a smidgen of cake!

Water: 5 Veg/Fruit: 5 Milk: 1
Points: 40.8 Adj: 0 Act: 3.5 Rem: -0.3
Bank: -0.3 Adj: 0
Bank Max: 15 Point: 15 Act: 4
Vitamins: Yes

Breakfast: 4.0 points
2.9: granola breakfast bar
1.1: Rice; white; glutinous; cooked; 1/3 cup

Lunch: 10.9 points
0.4: Salad dressing; italian; commercial;diet;2 calories per tsp
0.0: Lettuce; iceberg (includes crisphead types); raw
0.1: Cucumber; peeled; raw
3.4: quorn nuggets 3-4
3.4: quorn nuggets 3-4
0.6: Applesauce; canned; unsweetened
3.0: Medium Cheese Slice

Dinner: 17.7 points
4.4: Soup; split pea; prep w/eq vol milk
4.4: Soup; split pea; prep w/eq vol milk
4.4: Soup; split pea; prep w/eq vol milk
1.9: Gardenburger
1.6: Bread; italian
1.0: Cake; baby slice

Snack: 8.2 points
4.4: Pretzels; hard; plain; salted- 10 minis
3.8: vanilla almonds ~24 nuts

Activity Log: (Min:Int:Points Desc)
12:L:1.0 Bus-walk
30:L:2.5 Crazy office

I want this freaky quadruped robot. It can carry 340 lbs, and is as sure footed as a mountain goat. Maybe If I put a robo-llama head on it, BHK will want one, too.

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